Sunday, December 18, 2016

Toilet Block construction at Nachna

A block of 4 public toilets is under construction for the last few months at Nachna.  While the fund for construction is from Thakurdas Foundation, all stakeholders are working shoulder to shoulder with NSS IIT Kharagpur to see the project through.  The Panchayat is pitching in this endeavor by sinking a bore well to ensure water availability at the toilet block.  The bore well has also been equipped with a submersible pump, a water tank and a water line.  The water tank was donated by IIT Kharagpur.  Other equipment, fittings and fixtures and plumbers are paid for through another eternally funded project.  The locals are donating labor once again without charging the toilet project funds.  NSS volunteers and faculty members from IIT Kharagpur are also donating their time by physically taking part in construction activities. 

Regardless, the project is chugging along.  Locals are happy with the progress and are excited to participate in the development.  Visitors to this blog are aware of the participation of NSS volunteers in the development from earlier posts.



Thursday, December 08, 2016

Nukkad performance: NSS, IIT Kharagpur Annual Camp 2016

Rochish Manda, Kumar Aniket (Unit 1) and Sandeep Muzzalda (Unit 12) shared videos of the nukkad (street play) performances of December 5 at Khelar Annual Camp.  Here they are...


Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Review of roadwork of Unit 5 by Khelar residents: NSS, IIT Kharagpur Annual Camp 2016

Dev Burman (Unit 5) shared a video on review of their roadwork by Khelar residents.  A slightly edited version of the video can be found here...

Day 7: NSS, IIT Kharagpur Annual Camp 2016

Units 12 and 15 still conscientiously put in a few more hours trying finish their roadwork tasks.  Things didn't get completed and the decision was to come back to Purba Shikarpari and elsewhere to finish things up.  Then there was this plan of an inter-unit knockout football tournament.  That also could proceed only to the end of the first round - pre-quarterfinals - before the match officials and the players gave up and the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final were saved for some other time.  Then there was garbage clearance.  Only when the area started to look nice and clean folks started throwing around plastic wrappers, food waste and what not. 

Then came some sentimental stuff in the afternoon that the annual camp apparently built bridges between participants although the fight for a lousy seat on the bus continued through the entire duration of the camp.

Finally Professor Dibakar Dhara's point calculation revealed Unit 1 was the best in nukkad (followed by Units 11 and 15), Unit 10 was the best in first aid drill (followed by a tie between Units 7 and 1), Unit 12 excelled in disaster management drill (trailed by Units 10 and 7), Unit 14 were the best in maintaining camp diaries (followed by Units 15 and 5).  The following volunteers are to receive citations for exceptional performance during the camp:

Kumar Aniket and Harmanjot Singh Grewal
Anunay Singh, Aman Kumar and Manthan Doshi
Vishal Saha Chowdhury, Adnan Lokhandwala and Pranay Biswas
Prithwi Sinha and Agam Gupta
Vedant Walke, Smil Gupta and Dev Burman
Siddha Sankalp, Subham Kumar Pandey and Saurabh Kumar
Shaurya Dwivedi, Mayank Soni and Vikask Kumar Sharma
Harshini Reddy, Ankur Gurjar and Satyavruth Garg
Dipak Agarwal and Marghoob Kaifi
Kushagra Ramnani and Sashi Prakash
Surya Vushal, Amritash Bharadwaj and Mahesh Meena
Kanishka Sonkusre,  Harshvardhan Mittal and Sandeep Muzzalda
Aman Singh, Shubham Patuari and Siddharth Kapurta
Rochish M (best camp diary), Sai Saketh, Duvvu Avinesh and Lakshya Agarwal
Ashesh Pradhan and Sumeet Kumar

Overall, it turned out that Unit 12 was the best performing unit; Unit 1 came second and Unit 3 third.
That's it then for the Annual Camp, folks.  Until 2017 that is.  

The last bucket: Unit 12 roadwork
Unit 12 roadwork


Overall 3rd position was bagged by Unit 3
Unit 1 was the runner-up
Best overall unit: Unit 12

Monday, December 05, 2016

Day 6: NSS, IIT Kharagpur Annual Camp 2016

While the quantum of work completed so far by the volunteers during the annual camp in 2016 has been impressive, roadwork were at virtual standstill at Dakshin Banpatna (Units 10, 13, 14 and 15), Library (Unit 11), Raipur (Units 7and 8) and Khelar (Units 5 and 6) - obsession of these units with street play (nukkad) performance kept them from extending their roads or improve the quality of their roadwork.  Watering and compaction of road fill continued at Raghunathpur (Units 2 and 4) and Seva Dal (Units 1 and 3) and fill (moorum) placement and culvert construction at Purba Shikarpari (Units 9 and 12).  Unit 3 got a water body adjacent to their place of work cleaned up and dug a composting pit as well.  The locals generally praised the efforts of NSS volunteers.  Two such feedback are shared with this post.

A grand lunch was followed by nukkad performance by all 15 units covering a variety of social, political and environmental issues.  Annual camp participants and a good number of locals enjoyed the event.      


Roadwork at Purba Shikarpari
Unit 2 roadwork at Raghunathpur - Thanks to Chamunorwa Justice Chibhabha for sharing this image
Roadwork at Seva Dal
Street play (nukkad) performance
Street play (nukkad) performance
Audience of street play (nukkad) performance